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Introducing L3Mon

The very first auto tcpdump and Text/Email alert network monitoring tool!

L3Mon is a C application for use on Unix sytems. It monitors your incoming bandwidth to an interface and displays it in an
easy to read format with multiple conversions already done for you. The alert address can be an email or phone number.
The Mbps (Megabits/Second) and PPS (Packets/Second) thresholds determine when the tcpdump and alert are triggered.

If you are interested in purchasing L3Mon for your server you can contact me on instagram to purchase. Instagram: @DDoS_Filter

The price for the script is $20. ($10 for script and $10 for 1 license)
For each subsequent server you want to add the script to is $10 per license.
Licenses are good for 1 IP address only and are non transferable!
Licenses expire 1 year from the purchase date and then must be renewed for $10.

You can download the free version of L3Mon HERE without tcpdump or alert functionality.

Command Line Install:
wget -U "wget request for L3Mon network monitor" http://ddosfilter.net/projects/download.php -O l3mon
chmod +x l3mon

MD5: 5755B8A3215FD5FB0698AB5C910428BF
SHA1: 14D8FD223295719D9CBC64E0A6B2F6C1DF99F980
SHA-256: C3B4FD10A95432D3F6878D7FAE36F79A0590CC20746496942042BBB5193029C4